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Barbara Sung

能量調頻師 Energy Frequency Facilitator

Infinity Zero Co Limited

主要業務 :   能量調頻服務  (個人一對一 / 團隊工作坊)   企業諮詢  (有助業務擴展,增強團隊凝聚力)   協助開發潛能,處理潛意識阻礙,提升心靈能量狀態 願景 : 透過能量調頻,讓更有人體驗本自具足的自己,活出生命的本質,綻放愛 目標 : 協助生命加大覺知,超越限制性信念,提升能量頻率,靈感無限,活出喜悅自在幸福豐盛。 Main Business :   Energy Frequency Tuning Service ( Personal One-on-One Service / Team Workshop)   Corporate Advisory (Helps business expand and enhance team cohesion)   Assist in developing potential, dealing with subconscious obstacles, and enhancing the state of mental energy Vision: Through energy frequency modulation, more people can experience their own self-sufficientness, live the essence of life, and bloom love Goal : To help life increase awareness, transcend limiting beliefs, increase energy frequency, be inspired, and live joyfully, freely and happily.
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上環德輔道中287-291號長達大廈15樓1502室 Room 1502, 15/F, Champion Building, 287-291 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, HK

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